Tuesday, May 02, 2006

OK, I'm Officially Upset...

At this stupid country! It's bad enough that I had to watch hundreds of thousands of criminals marching down the street yesterday. But after some of the things I heard after the fact, I have to speak out.

First, to our illustrious mass media. Those weren't "immigration marches." I'm fairly certain that those marching have already immigrated to the US. Those were "amnesty marches," pure and simple. A bunch of people broke the law and now they're taking to the streets, demanding that we forgive their crime and make them citizens.

Second, there was a guy in Seattle that called immigration. He tried three or four times to get a human on the line, and finally succeeded. When he told them that there were thousands of illegals on the street marching toward city center, and that they should go arrest them (by the way, that's their job), this guy was told to get off the phone and stop harrassing INS or they would file criminal charges against HIM for phone harassment! You've got to be kidding me!

Third, and not nearly last, the Bush-led justice department just ran a big raid two weeks ago, arresting several thousand illegals across several large businesses. So far, none of the companies have been charged with hiring illegal workers, or fined. And get this! Over 70% of the illegals they arrested were RELEASED and told to report back to court in a few weeks for their hearing. Yeah, SURE THAT'S GONNA HAPPEN!!!

I'm waiting for a single Republican ('cuz you know liberal Democrats would rather punch Capitol Hill Police Officers than stand up for the law) to do what's right. He (or she) will get my vote for President.

This has got to stop. I know you guys aren't into politics, but you're over 18 and it's time to pick up the phone and start writing letters. The vast majority of illegal immigrants vote (yes, they can register to vote illegally) vote Democrat. You want to see your country go down the drain? Keep doing nothing. Remember how close the election was last time?

Pick up the phone. Pick up a pen. Just do SOMETHING.


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